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“Rise Above Your Stuff offers a wealth of practical and easy to digest information.  While not shying away from the complex nature of the conditions, hope and possibility for relief spring from the pages as the authors convey a judgment-free, person-centered, and competency-rich model.  This workbook will quickly broaden your world view, sensitivity and engagement strategies when dealing with your chronic disorganization or hoarding.”


Rise ABOVE Your Stuff

A Workbook for those Struggling to find Themselves amidst their Stuff

The Many Faces of Hoarding & Trauma (DVD)

Fresh Start 

Overcoming Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding Group Manual



STop the clutter

Playing cards to help you declutter, organize, develop greater self-awareness, and improve self-care. 

Praise for Rise Above Your Stuff

Overcoming Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding Group Manual


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