"So interesting and I learned so much."​

"Very organized and interesting"

"Presenters both had dynamic personalities and experiences to pull from."

Learn best practices to intervene with a person who hoards and has unresolved trauma



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Review criteria for trauma-related disorders with insight about the relationship between unresolved trauma and hoarding


Increase knowledge of assessment tools to measure the severity of chronic disorganization and hoarding, including DSM-5 criteria for Hoarding Disorder
Social workers, psychologists, counselors, nurses, marriage and family therapists

Case managers, service coordinators, housing authorities, professional organizers

​Family members and friends

Intended Audience

The many faces of hoarding and trauma dvd

Understand the most current reasons for hoarding 

This DVD is a 3.5 hour seminar recording. This training was filmed before a live audience so you will have the unique opportunity to view participants involved in activities created to bring to life the challenges faced by people who hoard. We hope that you have fun while participating in this learning style. 

Learning objectives