The Hoarding Task Force of Delaware and Morrow counties was formed in 2014 and established its mission

to ensure that people living in Delaware and Morrow counties who are battling chronic disorganization and hoarding can readily access information and services that help them and the community thrive


Why have a hoarding task force?

​Hoarding is a complex problem that affects communities and often requires a coordinated, integrated response. People may gather newspapers, magazines, empty containers, old clothing, rotting foods, and animals. In some cases, there may be safety and sanitation concerns that may affect the greater community.

The large amounts of items that a person gathers may:
· cause a severe fire hazard
· block fire escapes from the house
· encourage insects or rodents in the neighborhood
· cause unhealthy living conditions in the neighborhood
· signal neglect of animals or people
· cause building code violations or structural damage
· cause sanitation or odor nuisances

Although hoarding is a community concern, it is also a personal and mental health issue. No one wants to force change, but sometimes it is unavoidable. The Hoarding Task Force wants to encourage people to reach out for help. Assessments are available to help people decide if help is needed and what might be the best approach.

The Task Force is a collaboration between the following agencies and organizations:

· Central Ohio Mental Health Center

· City of Delaware

· City of Delaware Fire Department

· City of Delaware Police Department

· Delaware General Health District

· Delaware-Morrow Mental Health Recovery Services Board

· Dennison & Associates, Inc.

· HelpLine of Delaware & Morrow Counties, Inc.

· Interim Health Care

· K2 Organizing, LLC

· SourcePoint